No place like… a Lewes Home

Here I am, in Lewes

I’m guessing, that if you’re reading this then you already know Lewes (although, if not then it is pronounced Loo-iss rather than Looz – I used to be a phonics consultant, can you tell?) I am also guessing that if you know it then you love it, just like I do. So this first post is a little bit about how I came to be here with my family, in this simply beautiful town nestled into the South Downs National Park.

I was born and bred in nearby Haywards Heath and then went to university in London where I met my partner Will (probably the best Physiotherapist in Sussex) and had our first two children. It got to the point where we realised that we were living in a flat with two children, working full-time, being generally exhausted and not actually seeing anything of our great capital.

Whenever we had time together – at the weekends – we used to ‘get out of London’ as much as we could and soon asked ourselves the question – ‘why are we still here?’ As much as we loved – and still love – London, it wasn’t right for us anymore and after a blissful camping holiday with our children and a few other life ups-and-downs we knew we had to make a change.  

Making The Move

Will and I both grew up in towns within easy access to outstanding countryside (Will grew up in Newton Abbot, Devon) and we started to long for the peaceful surroundings of our childhoods. We considered a few different places but the pull of returning to the South Downs was particularly strong for me so we decided to take the plunge and move our family and life out of London. So here we are, in Lewes. 

It wasn’t long before I realised that we had made one of the most important changes in our lives. I didn’t know it was possible to be so in love with a place. I love walking out of my house and in 10 minutes time feeling so connected with the natural world and free. I really love the feeling of total awe I get every time I climb up a hill and behold the rolling hills of the South Downs before me. It constantly makes me realise how small we are in relation to the place we live and to value the time we have here immensely.

So, I love it. I really love it.

Lewes is full of people with extraordinary creative energy and talent… 

…all of whom support one another. It’s pretty awesome to know that I can find a brilliant upholsterer, joiner, ceramist or cabinet maker right here as well as brilliant young brands designing fabric, wallpaper, candles and literally all manner of gorgeous things for our homes. Lewes is home to the master craftsperson, to leaders in interior design and to world-class architects. It teems with incredible antiques shops, and beautifully styled lifestyle boutiques. This is the place I call home and it is time to bring all of this amazing talent together and put it on a big old Georgian pedestal!

The town itself is also very special. Beautiful and ‘looked after’ it seems to glow on bright days. There is so much going on here – sometimes it appears as though there is an event, a workshop or a festival on every weekend – the community spirit and pride within the town is fierce and our family have been made to feel so welcome.

So, this first post on my blog is really just setting the scene for anyone who might stumble upon it. Over the coming weeks I will be filling these pages with information, events, stories and interviews with people around the subject of my own personal passion – architecture and interiors – which, will be situated both in Lewes and the surrounding area. I am so excited about the people I will meet and the places I will get to be nosey around and can’t wait to share it all!

Watch this space!